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PVC how to clean the floor

1, dry drag: remove dust and dirt from the floor. Use dry or moist yarn, microfiber or other available dry mops.
2, vacuum cleaner cleaning: the use of vacuum cleaner dust and loose dirt on the floor clean. This cleaning method can be used instead of a mop in a restricted area.
3, micro wet mop: water or cleaning agent should be slightly wet mop, the method is to use a special cleaning winch to mop excess water extrusion, in addition to the mop can be sprayed with water or detergent. Note that there is no accumulation of water on the floor. The floor must be completely dry after 15-20 seconds after the finish.
4, remove stains: will be diluted neutral detergent directly sprayed on the stain, and then use a white or red nylon cleaning pad brush until the stain removed, and finally wipe clean with water.

PVC floor cleaning precautions.

1. timely removal of dirt on the ground.
The 2. floor is soaked in water is absolutely prohibited, although some ground water partition waterproof glue is used (such as floor drain, water room etc.), but the long time of being immersed in water, will seriously affect the service life of the floor. In the cleaning process, the water will be sucked up by the water suction machine.
3.for the stream of people more, wear big place should shorten the maintenance cycle, increase the number of times of high strength surface wax wax.

  • Oil: local oil, aqueous degreasing agent solution poured directly on the towel wipe; a large area of oil, will be the only special water-based degreasing agent in 1:10 diluted with wiping machine with red disc cleaning speed.
  • Black offset: spray cleaning wax with high speed polishing machine polishing pad with white polishing. For a long time of black offset printing, you can remove the powerful black offset printing agent directly on the towel to wipe.
  • Glue or chewing gum: with a professional powerful adhesive directly onto the towel wipe wipe.
  • Benefit of SPC flooring

    High Density Rigid Core
    Extremely stable
    Safe & Sustainable
    Superior Indentation Resistance

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