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01. Booking

Online booking can enjoy the full 300 square post, more attractive gifts.

02.Board-to-Board Color Variation

Natural hardwood boards vary in color from board-to-board. This variation is part of the beauty of wood flooring. The amount of color variation is determined by the species. To see the color variation level for a product, go to the bottom of the product detail page and look for this image.

03. Adaptive space

1, want to make high-grade indoor floor decoration of 2 new homes, want to replace the floor to worry about 3, want to decorate the family, office, shops and other places.

04. Color

The great variety in wood flooring choices comes from the species’ natural colors, stains and finishes, and even the wood’s tendency to lighten or darken subtly with age and sun exposure. Home lighting is a factor in how your finished floor will look, too. Ask your retailer for samples to view in your home, or order them yourself on our website.

05. Hardness Scale

Hardwoods used in flooring are given a hardness rating which indicates how resistant the wood is to dents and wear. As you would expect, harder woods are better able to withstand indentations than softer woods. Consider oak, maple, ash or Brazilian cherry for the greatest durability. Check the hardness rating for a product on the product detail page.

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  • Benefit of SPC flooring

    High Density Rigid Core
    Extremely stable
    Safe & Sustainable
    Superior Indentation Resistance

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