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SPC Flooring ARCHIDEX 2018

juillet 5, 2018

Here are photos in ARCHIDEX 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia showing our SPC FLOORING (RIGID VINYL PLANK).
The exhibition is from Jul 4th to Jul 7th, welcome to visit our booth Hall 6, 6G646, get the quotation and know more about this fantastic products.

SPC is suitable for Malaysia and other Southeast Asia countries because of it features stability and waterproof, termite-proof.
You can install #spcflooring for 200-300m2 without using a transition, this makes it perfect for project works.
With Valinge 2G &5G click system, you can save lots of time for installation.
#spcfloor has became the hottest flooring products in the industry nowadays.

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  • Avantage du plancher SPC

    Rigide haute densité de base
    extrêmement stable
    Sûr et durable
    Résistance supérieure Indentation

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